5: Membranes (part 1)

This lesson covers the structure and arrangement of the plasma membrane of cells.  You’ll see how the phospholipids that you learned about in lesson 4 will arrange themselves to form a stable yet flexible membrane.


34 minutes

Template page for drawing 5

Info pages for drawing 5

Finished drawing sample for lesson 5



Activity 5-1 Cell Membrane Bubble Lab

Bubbles can be used to help visualize what cell membranes are like and some of their physical properties.  Here are two videos and a link to printable pages.


Here are written instructions you can print out.  (Skip the last pages that talk about gap junctions and binary fission.  We’ll discuss those later.)   http://hs.moodle.lisd.net/pluginfile.php/155688/mod_resource/content/1/Cell-Membrane-Bubble-Lab.pdf


Activity 5-2  Watch a liposome lab experiment

These students have an pretty amazing lab to work in!  (Adults are guiding them through this lab, though they do not appear on film.)




4)  QUIZ

You can re-take the quiz as many times as necessary.

If the online quiz is not working, or you need a printed copy of the quiz for any reason, you can find a PDF file on the main course page that lets you print all the quizzes.

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